Williams Robotron (EU) Restoration 2

So this cabinet has been sat in my garage for the best part of two years waiting for restoration work. To be fair, it’s been in a queue – things are getting stacked up out there in recent months. But with a week off work, I decided to try to make some progress recently, so here we are with part two of this restoration. If you’ve missed out on this cabinet’s history, read up on that here, and you can catch up on where we got to in part one of the restoration here.

So part one saw the control panel stripped, repaired and rebuilt, and the boards came back from repair. It’s now time to look at the cabinet itself.

Well there you go – progress so far. More in part three next time, where we’ll get our filler sanded down, touch up the paint, replace the t-molding and rebuild the cabinet ready to play again!

Credit: Williams Robotron (EU) Restoration 2