Nintendo Red Tent Vs Cabinet Restoration

You’ll recall a few weeks back I wrote about the acquisition of this great cabinet, released by Nintendo in 1984. This particular example is in great shape, and I was very fortunate to be able to snag it and bring it back to Arcade Blogger towers. If you missed out on the original post, have a read here.

So I got the thing working, which was a great start, but I really wanted to strip the cabinet down, give it a good clean, and do something about the lack of red displaying on one side of the cabinet.

So with the cabinet rebuilt, I wanted to get figure out why one side was refusing to show any red. I was worried that one of the monitors was faulty, which would have been a long repair road. To test it, I swapped the monitors around, only to find that red was still not being displayed on the same side. This was good news, as it eliminated the monitors as being suspect!

So I had a PCB problem. I did some research online, tried a few things, but still the lack of red remained. Figuring I was at the end of my knowledge, I got in touch with a friendly collector who was prepared to take a look at the PCB for me. Long story – it turned out to be a broken trace, which was hard to pin down, but easy to fix:

So a few days later, I had the repaired PCB in my hand – time to fire the game up!

A slightly different  restoration for me this. The game was mostly complete and working and showed signs of wear. I could have resprayed everything to make a mint cabinet, but I wanted to preserve it’s provenance and interesting patina found across the cabinet which showed its history as a workhorse for the last 40 years in an Irish coastal arcade.

So there you go – my new Nintendo Red Tent arcade cabinet. I currently only have Vs Tennis to play – but this is a good fun game. I’ve had four of us on the cabinet – and it makes for great multiplayer larks. I’ve reached out to a few collectors and have a lead on burning some ROMs for new games, which I plan to get hold of soon.

Credit: Nintendo Red Tent Vs Cabinet Restoration